Paper/Rock Writing Consultation offers editing services and writing consultations for organizations, but it is not a “writing service” for student papers. In other words, Paper/Rock Writing Consultation will NOT write student essays, but will provide individualized and personalized instruction online and in person to help build skills and confidence.  Specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed. However, I can provide support and advice based on over 20 years of writing and teaching experience.

Paper/Rock Writing Consultation is also not a “content mill.” I am the sole proprietor and when you sign up for a project, I carry it through myself, without sending it off to several different writers and editors, each with different styles. I work directly with you from beginning to end and I aim to offer a personalized experience that is thorough, thoughtful, consistent, and accurate.

Services, Rates, and Other Policies

–College Admissions and Scholarship Application Essays:

$200 flat fee with strategies for drafting, editing, brainstorming, developing content, and revising one college admissions or scholarship application essay.  The flat fee includes multiple revisions. If you have multiple essays to submit, each subsequent essay will be charged $100 for up to five revisions each.

For consultations, I can meet you in person at my home office in Snohomish. Or, I can meet with you through video-conferencing technology that allows me to share my screen and talk to you/see you in “real time.”  If these two options don’t work out, I can also work effectively through email and phone/Skype.

Contact:  (Cecilia Kennedy)

–Personalized Writing Instruction/Consultations

$50 per hour, which also includes materials, handouts, and audio/visual supplements tailored to each student’s needs.

For graduate students, I can also offer a “practice defense” of a dissertation or master’s thesis. Typically, this kind of defense includes an outside observer from another department, who is allowed to ask questions.  Having successfully completed both a master’s thesis and a dissertation defense, I could offer an “outside observer” perspective to help you prepare.

All in-person meetings will take place in my home office in Snohomish.  Or, I can meet online through free video-conferencing technology that allows for screen sharing in “real time” and session recording.

If you cannot meet in person or through video conferencing, you can email me your drafts and I can return them with detailed comments, advice, and supplementary instructional materials I’ve developed for revision.  These kinds of papers will typically only take me an hour or two at a rate of $50 per hour. Depending on how many projects I’m working on at one time, it might take 24-72 hours to return these kinds of papers.   Any papers over 20 pages typed, may also take longer to return.

Dissertations and masters’ theses could take 2-4 weeks, depending on the length and the amount of comments/revision advice needed.  Contact me to schedule a free consultation to determine the exact price and length of time it will take me.   As an example, a 200-page dissertation would cost around $500, depending on the amount of help needed.

Contact me to discuss your goals:

–Manuscript Revision/Editing/Coaching:

If you are working on a memoir, short story, or novel I’m happy to look at your draft and help with editing and/or revisions.  Please contact me for a preliminary consultation to determine a rate/price and your goals:

–Online Writing Consultation and Editing for Organizations:

Contact me to schedule a free consultation to look over your project and determine a final cost and turn-around time.  My hourly rate is $50.  Once I’ve worked on a document and payment is received, I can revise up to 2 times at no additional cost to you.

Contact email:

–Writing Workshops for Organizations and Educational Institutions in the Snohomish County, WA Area:

Half-day sessions/retreats:  $500

Contact email:

All payment is due at the time of service. Pay online with Paypal or with a check or cash (in the case of in-person meetings.) The check can be made out to Cecilia Kennedy.

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