Help With Spanish


Do you tense up every time your instructor speaks in Spanish? Are you stressing out over the next Spanish test? I’ve been there. Learning another language is empowering, but scary at times. During my years as an Associate Professor of English and Spanish at a community college in Springfield, Ohio, I had a wonderful opportunity to co-author a Spanish program/textbook and help lots of students in high school and college use their Spanish for the first time in their communities. I’d like to help you as well. Feel free to contact me. ¡Nos vemos pronto!

Contact email:

My Qualifications for Help with Spanish:

–PhD in literature from Spain, with intense graduate level courses taken completely in Spanish at The Ohio State University.

–Over 20 years of teaching experience in Spanish for all levels:  beginning, intermediate, advanced; majors and non-majors.

–Native/Near Native proficiency in Spanish (speaking, reading, writing, and listening).

–Observed high school teachers in the Miami Valley (Ohio) area to ensure compliance with college-level standards in Spanish for Dual Enrollment/College In The Classroom /Running Start credit for high school students.

–Served on the Curriculum Panel for Ohio’s Department of Higher Education for Spanish.

–Wrote the curriculum for Clark State Community College’s Spanish program in Springfield, Ohio, which was approved by Ohio’s Department of Higher Education.

–Completed study-abroad programs in Spain and Mexico.

Rates: $50/hour—fee includes in-person and/or online help, handouts, and other materials. For in-person help, I can meet you at my home office in Snohomish.