For Organizations


Changing Lives and Communities through Writing

Sometimes, the unexpected, unassuming piece of paper covers the large, looming rock to win the rock-paper-scissors-game.  I am committed to helping your organization rise to challenges and succeed through writing. To me, a document or a report is not just a document or report. The mission, vision, and values of your organization matter. They’re the foundation that helps you to make a difference in your community.  My past work in community organizations and on boards in Ohio, before moving to Washington in 2016, allowed me to apply the same critical reading and editing skills I used in the classroom as a writing and foreign language instructor for over 20 years.  I’ve been training for quite some time then, to examine an organization’s written reports and documents for “flow,” appropriate tone, voice, consistency of formatting, topic sentences, word choices, content development, transitions, organization, grammar, and spelling.   I look forward to helping you make sure that every word counts in the documents you prepare.